Hello World!

Or should I say hello to the two people who might see this anytime soon!
Anyway, I have decided to document things and try to make sense of them. I struggle with OCD, ADHD, depression, dyslexia, anxiety, and panic attacks. By no means do I think I have a bad life; this will not be a sob story or attention seeking site at all. It will be brutally honest. Sometimes it will be ugly. I will make countless mistakes, and you will see me go in cycles of being productive, happy, seeming to have my shit together, to me being depressed, suicidal, seeing nothing positive in life at all, having little energy, and it seeming like I’m against myself…because in times like those I’m my own worst enemy. I will share both things that help and things that don’t in overcoming day to day struggles that many people will face regardless of whether or not you struggle with any mental health issue. We’re all human, right? So here I go on a journey to find happiness in this life. Thank you so those of you who have read this and care to follow along. Lets kick some ass people!