Having a Rough Day?

I had a rough day today. Until like 15 minutes ago and now I feel good. Happy, lots of energy. I started to obsess over it, but got distracted and now I’m rambling and keeping my mind off of it. Weird, I know. Don’t know what I will think of this tomorrow or three days from now. My moods change too much, it’s the intensity that’s the problem. Have you ever had experience with this?

One thought on “Having a Rough Day?

  1. I’ve definitely had those days! I think one thing you can do is to just be thankful for the times your mood is positive and use those moments to set you up to handle the difficult ones. Be good to yourself when you feel good, and it will help train you to be good to yourself when you’re feeling low! Most importantly, hang in there and keep on fighting through.


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