Something Fucked Up Happened

Let’s cut to the chase… my mum lost her job on Thursday. She lost it because other people lied and her boss was too stupid to see it. She lost her job because she followed policies and procedures and didn’t cut corners and try to change the way things should be done. 

My mum is my favorite person in this world. She’s the one I love the most. Of course we but heads from time to time, but I’d did anything I could to help her. Seeing her hurt is worse than being hurt myself if that makes sense. Im not worried about me losing insurance, I’m worried about her losing it. My whole life she did her best to make sure I was taken care of. At times she worked multiple jobs. When I was sick she’d take care of me. When money was tight she didn’t make that my problem at seven years old. My mum is the toughest woman I know. I’m hurting for her, with her, trying to be the strong one and not show it. I don’t know what will happen to the house she’s renting. If it came down to it I’d rent an apartment for us and give her the bedroom. I’m so thankful to have the mother I have. I wish I could take all the pain she’s feeling from her to see her smile.