I’m Drunk

And I don’t have my glasses on. Sorry in advance. 

As I lay here watching a documentary on “pure O” OCD. It’s got me thinking. If it’s pure O, the O being for obsessional, that means there are no compulsions. Mental compulsions are a thing though, and so is avoidance. So, if you’re trying to think certain thoughts, or avoiding things even in your head thats still being compulsive, therefore it’s not pure O. The name doesn’t make sense. Why not pure M for mental…because it sounds stupid? That’s fine, but at least it’s more accurate. Anyway, I think there needs to be more documentaries focused on recovery, not suffering. Fuck that. Suffering is the easy part even though it makes life hard. Change is scary, recovery is fucking scary, dude. It’s so worth it though. OCD is still part of my life, but not as bad as before. Cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt) is the best shit ever. 

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