So my psychiatrist says I might have bipolar

The struggle is real dude. I’ve been taking Lexapro for almost two months now, and I have been feeling a lot better. People have told me they see a difference in my mood. I have been told I seem more leveled out and less angry, I seem happier and have better eye contact… cool shit right? YES. It feels really good to be feeling alive again. For a little while I felt happier than usual. Like really happy, I had energy and wanted to hang out with people. I felt successful at work, and for the most part I still feel good, but more calm and mellowed out. There have been a few times I contacted my ex boyfriend because sex with Kyle seemed like a great idea. Kyle who I know is bad news for me in a relationship. My psychiatrist says my driving might point to bipolar as well. I was told when I was little that I might have ADD, and as an adult I took a test with a psychiatric nurse practitioner who said I have it. I wonder if it’s just ADD or if it is both. It’s like a nice high three days usually if it happens, but this last time it felt like an elevated mood for like 9 days at least. It’s times like that that make me know muy depression isn’t the only thing I’m capable of feeling. 

Lexapro helps me so much though, so I hope to keep taking it. I am actually going to go back to college after 8 months of being gone, and almost 7 months after dropping out for the third time in 3 years. I’m afraid I will get discouraged and quit again. I’m afraid because of learning disabilities I will fall behind. But Lexapro gave me the mental power to try again and I’m really thankful for that. 

If any of you who real this have bipolar disorder, especially bipolar 2, can you please leave me a little comment about the early stages and getting diagnosed if you don’t mind sharing? Thanks so much! 

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