I don’t feel ashamed of having ocd or bipolar disorder. I do feel ashamed of how much dyslexia affects me, partially because the schools let me slip through the cracks. Teachers told me that. Dropped out of college, for like the third time. Work at a job that is all numbers, where I get blamed for shit that I didn’t do. Yes, I make mistakes, but not 100% are me. Have you ever had to ask how to spell three words in one sentence? Did they treat you like you were stupid? Did people always say you needed to apply yourself despite all of your efforts? Welcome to my whole life. I love the fun parts of life, and I’m thankful to live, but what the fuck world? How am I supposed to succeed reading at the pace of a fucking 9 year old? Now I’m an adult, and the struggle hasn’t gotten an better. Just needed to rant, and hoped someone could relate to this.