All the time we hear people say they’re depressed, or that something is sooo depressing, right? But what does that mean? Well I guess it depends on what kind of depression you have. It can range from mild to moderate to severe.

Symptoms of major depression can be feeling anxious, sad, hopeless, lonely, guilty, irritable, and really tired or worn out. It can cause changes to sleep and appetite. It can also cause weight gain, suicidal thoughts, and aches and pains through the your body. These have to last at least two weeks to be considered major depression.

Some people have a low grade depression that lasts for longer amounts of time. This kind of depression is called Persistent depressive disorder or dysthymia. This kind of depression has the same symptoms as the ones above, but to a lesser degree. People with dysthymia can also have major depressive episodes though. These symptoms have to last at least one year if you’re a kid or two years if you’re an adult to be considered dysthymia.

Have you ever heard of postpartum depression? That happens to some women after they give birth.

There is also something called seasonal affective disorder. The majority of people with this feel depressed in the winter months, but it can happen other times of the year too.

There are more kinds too, and other illnesses that involve depression. Bipolar is an illness that has that goes from manic (or hypomanic) highs to depressive lows.


I made the photo above when I was depressed about a month ago. If you’re ever concerned that you are depressed contact your doctor. There is medication and therapy to treat depression.